If you are looking for movers in Pasadena, TX that will help you with relocating into a storage or from a storage unit, we are here for you. No matter if you moved into your storage years ago, or just a few days ago our movers will be there to move you out of the storage facility. Lately, there is an increase in people moving into smaller apartments and storing some of theirĀ  items into storage lockers. Our professional movers will make sure to wrap your items with plastic wrap and stack them meticulously in the storage. Our friendly recommendation is to purchase moving blankets if you plan to leave your items in the storage for a longer period of time. This will ensure that your items are even more protected in the storage, especially if storage is not climate controlled.
Most storage facilities have strict restrictions on when movers can move someone in and out of the facility, so we will make sure to adhere to their rules.

Provided we are moving you into a storage, at the origin address we will make sure to disassemble furniture if needed and protect it with plastic wrap. However, if you are moving from a storage to a home, our moving helpers will rearrange furniture pieces at your destination. Leave the hard labor to us, there will be no need for you to lift a finger!

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